Press Repeat on Our Ultimate Fall Playlist Presented by DJ Quiana Parks

Photography by The Swirve Network

Photography by The Swirve Network

As the Fall ushers in please believe it is here to stay, which means it’s time we start shifting things around to keep up with the mood of the season…starting with your music playlist. We’re afraid those fun summer BBQ and pool party tunes won’t make the cut in October. You need some tunes that you can snuggle up with, bake a cake, do some Saturday shopping or something to make you “Work B*tch” ! Whatever you need this fall I’m sure you can find it here with DJ Quiana’s Ultimate Playlist! Check it out and let us know what you think!

1. Royals – Lorde – This is the first song I listen to every morning! It’s amazing. I love Lorde, she speaks the truth and makes it sound good.

2. New York is Killing Me- Gil Scott Herron– I love New York but this fall weather is blowing minds…New York is killing me this fall.

3. PrimeTime- Janelle Monae and Miguel- I’m obsessed with this song…seriously both of their voices are so sensual, melodic and pretty… how could you not love this song?

4. PoundCake, Hold on We’re Going Home, Motions- Drake– You know what? Let’s just call Drake entire album my playlist for the fall! The album is AH- May-Zing! “This is nothing for the radio/ But they’ll still play it though/ Cuz it’s the new Drizzy Drake, that’s just the way it go.”

5. Work B#tch– I love Britney Spears…What can I say I was a TRL fiend. This may be my theme song for my hustle this fall.

6.  Aluna George -You Know You Like It (Body Music)-  This song is both catchy enough for a club and sexy enough for a lingerie commercial… I love it!

7. Afraid- Amel Larrieux I’m such a huge fan of all of Amel’s Music. She’s amazing and her music always has such an awesome message. When I was sick I literally needed to hear her music everyday. 

8. Rac- Let Go– I freaking love this song! Rac is one of my favorite artists, he’s known primarily for his remixes of song but now he’s releasing original music and I love it!

9. Chamakay- Blood Orange– This song just makes me want to move like Sade. If you don’t know who Blood Orange it’s about time you find out! His music will have the autumn leaves dancing this fall.

10. Roar – Katy Perry- This song is so catchy and has a great message…

Bonus- Berzerk- Eminem- He’s back and I’m loving it!

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